Best Google Adsense alternatives [Updated]

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What are the best Google Adsense alternatives? Are you tired of trying to approve your Google Adsense account ? Is your Google Adsense account disabled or banned ? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. Here you will find the best alternatives for Google Adsense .

10 . Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is not based on PPC [Pay-Per-Click] or CPM [Cost Per Mille] program. It is commission based program. You will get some amount of commission if someone buy’s their product from your link which seems preety tough to earn money.

9 . Yllix Media

Yllix Media is the international CPM [Cost Per Mille], CPC [Cost Per Click] and CPA [Cost Per Action] online advertising network. The best part is it pays on daily basis also and you don’t have to wait for account approval. You can just register and then can get Ads on your website.

8 . Evadav

Evadav provides a new feature (Push Notification). It has the highest ecpm rate and the best part is it provides weekly payment that sounds great for publishers.

7 . Adsterra

Adsterra have different formats of Ad for desktop as well as mobile with great cpm. It pays on basis of NET15.

6 . Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits is very easy advertisement program, You don’t have to wait for approve. You can register as a publisher and there you go, Ads are on your website by pasting the given code in your website dashboard header.

5 . Infolinks

Infolink is one of the best alternative for Google Adsense and one of the largest monitization network. In Infolink you need to get approved first but don’t worry it doesn’t review your page views or traffic.

4 . PopAds

With the easy approvals it’s just the matter of few minutes to set up PopAds and get the Ads on your website. To make it more better PopAds pays on daily basis too, which is the bonus point for publisher.

3 . Rev Content

With the great quality of Ads and approval process Rev Content is on the third list of alternative of Google Adsense. You can also refer and earn, great isn’t it.

2 . PropellerAds

With Automated Ad optimization, fraud prevention and self-serve platform function it is most wanted advertisement platform. It gives you Ad formats like push notification, oneclick Ads, native Ads and native interstitials. PropellerAds was founded in 2011 A.D. and since then it rapidly became one of the leading popunder traffic network and has expanded to native advertising world. It’s traffic source is 1 Billion plus monthly audience reach with thousands of advertising campaigns launched daily.

1 . Media.Net

Media.Net is alike Google Adsense. It is in the top list in search for the alternatives of Google Adsense. The approval process for Media.Net takes 2 days on the average. Media.Net is the original creator of D2S (Display-To-Search) Ad format. It gives you better control on the Ads you are receiving on your Site. So, this is in the number one rank in alternative for Google Adsense list.

Since, all are wondering to earn money and are in search of ads platform other than Google Adsense (when disabled or banned) you can just apply on any alternative mentioned above. And Meridian at, Easy Monetizer, OIO Publisher, Viglink,, Admana, are also some other alternatives which you can also try.

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